Resources for Structural Engineers and Engineering Students

This book covers a recommended set of topics for a 12-15 week full introductory course in Structural Analysis for Civil Engineers. It is meant for use by undergraduate engineering students, engineers preparing for technical licensing exams and others who are interested in learning how structures behave. The reader is assumed to have an understanding of calculus, first-year university physics, statics and engineering mechanics. It was originally developed for the course CIVE3203 Introduction to Structural Analysis at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada by Prof. Jeffrey Erochko based on course notes.

License for use

This document is provided for free and without warantee or guarantee of the accuracy of the contents. Use it at your own risk. It is not to be used for commercial purposes or to be otherwise distributed at any cost (except by its author). All copy rights are reserved by the author (Prof. Jeffrey Erochko).

Companion YouTube Videos

Extra examples in video form may be found on the author's YouTube Channel The Civil Professor at

Purpose of this Chapter

This chapter contains a brief review of statics and mechanics concepts that will be required for structural analysis. It is not intended to be a complete explanation of these concepts. Please refer to a statics or structural mechanics course or textbook to learn these concepts in full.